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During warm weather in the summer months it is perfectly normal for Honey Bees to swarm when looking for a new home. If you find a swarm on your allotment or at home in the garden please do not attempt to remove or disturb them yourself. You can use the button below to find useful information from The British Bee Keepers Association who have a list of local keepers that will attend and safely remove the swarm free of charge. If you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the swarm DO NOT PANIC, calmly walk to a safe distance - the bees will not hurt you, they are focused on finding a new home and not attacking you.


Our local Bee colectors are:


Stuart Main

(approx 3 miles)

M: 07725 241 257


Kaz Powell

(approx 4 miles)

T: 07427 607286

M: 07427 607286


David Staples

(approx 4 miles)

M: 07594 552700


If none of these are available then please use the button above to find more collectors by entering the postcode BN16 4AB on the website