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The allotment site in Honey Lane was in existence at least as long ago as the Second World War, and is the last remaining allotment site in the parish of Angmering. In 1990 the Association was formed to run the site on behalf of the Angmering Parish Council. The site, which is now surrounded on all sides by houses, is approximately four acres, and has 130 plots of varying sizes, the remaining space being taken up by a store and car park. There is a metered water supply and some eight troughs around the site. In general no plot is more than three plots distance to a trough.


The Association has engaged in improvements to the site over recent years and sourced a Lottery grant to aid the erection of a timber fence to Honey Lane and has remade the access road. Much work is done on a member's voluntary basis.


There are over one hundred members, and a waiting list in excess of ten. The rent for plots is due on 1 November of each year (currently £25 per annum for a five-rod plot and £15 for a half plot, with a one off non refundable Association joining fee of £30).


Plots usually become available during late autumn or early spring. The waiting time for getting to the top of the waiting list is approximately one year. The waiting list for applicants who live outside of the Angmering Parish boundary is closed until further notice.